T-lab polepole HAKOBUNE Galapagos giant tortoise


T-lab polepole HAKOBUNE Galapagos giant tortoise

size : 7.5 / 3 / 5H (cm)

Material : Natural wood (Falcata)
Made in Indonesia

  "HAKOBUNE" series which took up animals of the world's endangered species "RED LIST".
It is a social product that donates a part of sales to an animal protection group with the theme of "Living a small life that lives somewhere on the earth on Hakobune of the heart and living with the Earth".

The design that the characteristics of each animal is transmitted and the finish that made use of the texture of the tree are the adult impressions that have never been before.
In the eyes of an animal that is full of sorrow but sees the light far away, surely the light of hope should be visible.

I carved how to have a strong impression + finished with a paint of earthy color that allows you to see the skin.

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