T-lab Holiday Twig series / Pygmy / Blue


T-lab Holiday Twig series / Pygmy / Blue

A simple and cute series that uses twigs of natural wood and retains the shape of the twigs and the texture of the wood surface.
Because it uses twigs, it bends a little and the knots fit.
When I look at it, I feel some attachment.
If you display them side by side, you will feel like you are in a Scandinavian forest.
You can decorate it on your desk or shelf, or arrange it in a series for a fun Christmas production. ◯ The number is limited. It will be discontinued as soon as it is sold out.

size : 2/6.5H (cm)

* Since it is a completely handmade product from carving to painting, there are subtle differences in shape, size, color and facial expression.
Also, since natural wood is used, there are grain and streaks. Think of it as a handmade or natural wood look.
* Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to the characteristics of the product.

[The polepole animal] which I began to carve white pure wood of smooth feel with manual labor one by one, and was made.
I do a file cliff by manual labor many times carefully to finish it in a simple no painting state without using the varnish.
Therefore I am very beautiful while there is a natural feeling of the material.
The design is particular about the details, too and is very cute to the point of a tail and the ear of the animal.
[polepole] means it in Swahili [slowly].
From the feel of the polepole animal and a tender expression, good slow manual labor is gradually handed down.

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