LIV HEART Tenohira Mocci 74248-01


LIV HEART Tenohira Mocci 74248-01

Scottish fold
Size : H5cm

polyester 95%/Polyurethane 5%
Made in China

From the popular tenohira mocci series, a new "Tori Mani" has arrived! It is an item that allows you to relieve stress while being healed by an indescribable expression.

Let's liven up everywhere and feel refreshed!
It's strange to touch. The chewy feel is addictive.
Relieve stress while working or studying!
Palm size that you can carry anywhere.
It can also be used as an interior. If you leave it on your desk, you will be healed by a cute expression.
Introducing a series of cats with a cat motif.

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