Greeting Life ANIMAL DIECUT Calendar 2021 C-1259-ET


Greeting Life ANIMAL DIECUT Calendar 2021 C-1259-ET

Japanese Dog

Dear our 2021 animal and regular calendars lovers!!
Cute calendar on your desk!!

size : 150mm / 140mm/ 40mm
12-month pattern and facial expressions are different
13 pieces spelled starting on Sunday, with a shrink pack

Enjoy with Staying home time.
Collect your favorite animal calendars Always spend time with Greeting
Life America's Calendars Every Month,You can meet new feature's animals.

Protecting animals and supporting owner search Part of the proceeds of the Animal Die-cut Calendar series will be used to protect animals that are abandoned by irresponsible owners and likely to be disposed of at public health centers, etc., and to find new owners.

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