T-lab polepole animal Holiday Santa Claus Rabbit Snowman


T-lab polepole animal Holiday Santa Claus Rabbit Snowman

Rabbit Santa appears from the popular series.
There is a snowman on the small sled.
It seems that cute rabbit Santa will bring you a happy Christmas mood.

There are also polar bear and penguins Santa versions.

Size: 4 / 4 / 8.5 cm
Size: 1.57 / 1.57 / 3.34 inch
Material : Natural wood (Falcata)
Made in Indonesia

We, T-Lab is the manufacture.
Our Craftsman making piece by piece by its hands while of course file them many time and finished them up.
After having so many procedure, they will be getting each animals.
That's why those kind of crafts feel a sense of warmth.
We would like to provide you a place where someone feels most at home with those items.

[The polepole animal] which I began to carve white pure wood of smooth feel with manual labor one by one, and was made.
I do a file cliff by manual labor many times carefully to finish it in a simple no painting state without using the varnish.
Therefore I am very beautiful while there is a natural feeling of the material.
The design is particular about the details, too and is very cute to the point of a tail and the ear of the animal.
[polepole] means it in Swahili [slowly].
From the feel of the polepole animal and a tender expression, good slow manual labor is gradually handed down.


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